TV casino on UK channel 5 now offers live roulette with real croupiers.

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UK LIVE CASINO now on Terrestrial TV on channel 5 !!

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Armchair roulette fans in the UK can now play live games on FIVE TV.

Live gaming company, Netplay - has become the first live virtual casino operator to secure a spot on terrestrial TV channels, for its flagship SUPERCASINO show.
Following a deal with Scottish TV channel STV, SuperCasino has now secured a UK TV spot on UK wide broadcaster Channel Five.

The live roulette show on Five will run late nights, 6 nights a week.
Broadcast times are midnight til 4am at weekends and 1am-3am during the week.

The show already operates online 24/7, and on SKY and FIVE / FREEVIEW channels, where it is currently the most popular live gaming show.
Presenters spin the wheel live on air, and players can sign up and place their bets online, whilst watching the live TV shows. You can also place bets over the phone, but this is more of a hassle. It's a lot easier if you have a laptop or iphone in your living room.

Most internet casinos use a RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR to power their virtual games and while these are also regulated and secure, for many players there is no substitute to actually seeing the roulette wheel spin with their own eyes.

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This form of gambling is seen by many players as the next best thing to a real casino.
The shows are fun and interactive, with the presenters giving shout-outs to the winners, whilst chatting to the audience.
There is a very sociable side to gaming here, with lots of light hearted chat and banter.
Members can sign up to their facebook and twitter pages for the latest news and offers.


While the TV channel offers the more popular roulette game, live blackjack games can also be played online - streamed live in high quality from the same studios.
Again, players are seeing live dealers deal real cards just like in a real casino.

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If you fancy a change from the live dealer table games, then Playtech slots are now available at the casino. These are some of the very best casino slots with high percentage payouts, multiple lines and free spin bonus games.
Includes progressive jackpot games shared with other casinos for bigger prizes.

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TV gambling was previously banned in the UK, under old OFCOM rules, which have now been dropped. Regulated Gambling in the UK has seen a big increase in popularity since deregulation several years ago, with casinos and bookmakers able to advertise for the first time.
The UK GAMBLING COMMISSION is one of the most stringent in the world, and regulates all casinos operating in the UK.
Live casinos are highly regulated and you can be 100% sure of the fairness of the games. Genuine certified casino equipment is used, which is tested daily.


A European roulette wheel is used which has a single zero, compared to the double zeros of American roulette. With a single zero wheel the house edge is only 2.7%.
Which means that for the long term average - with thousands of players making thousands of spins - the casino makes £2.70 for every 100 pounds gambled.
Of course no one would gamble if the house won every time, and for individual sessions it is roughly 50-50 whether a player wins or loses, due to mathematical 'variance'.

The payout for landing on a single number is 35-1 eg a £10 bet will make £350 plus your £10 stake is returned.

Supercasino players can also play blackjack online with real dealers. With blackjack the house edge is even smaller than roulette, with a 99.5% payout percentage.
Again, this is the long term average, and individual sessions are highly variable.


New players at the casino can double their first deposit up to £250.
A total wagering requirement of 40x the deposit is required before the free cash is credited to a players account. With the high payout rates this is fairly achievable in a good session.
Especially gambling at low stakes in blackjack.
A cash giveaway of £3000 is also in operation throughout the month with spot prizes of £50 being given away to several players each day.

new - Got an IPHONE or IPAD ? Download the supercasino app and easily bet whilst watching TV.
It's easy and convenient to play from your sofa with just an iphone at hand.
ANDROID and WINDOWS MOBILE apps are on the way.
Sign up online first, then use the same username and password.

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Go to SUPERCASINO to play live gambling games with real dealers.

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