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There’s no need to suit up or don your little black dress to play casino games online but before you take a seat, you’ll need to know your way around, understand the lingo and develop your skills. Our game guides for 2019 are carefully curated and categorised by type, to take you from the basics all the way to advanced betting strategies that will make you a better player. So, settle in, there’s plenty to learn!



It’s been said that playing this popular card game well is equal parts fortune and finesse. Take the latter into your own hands by learning the best ways to bet during blackjack.



Legend has it François Blanc, bargained with the devil to obtain the secrets of roulette. Luckily, there’s no need to sell your soul at the crossroads, use our handbook instead.



Bond himself plays a variant of live baccarat alongside Ms. Trench in that infamous Dr. No scene. Study the strategies that work to become as suave and skilled as the British secret agent.

What makes our casino game guides standout

OK, so you’re probably thinking “Why should I bother with another guide to casino games anyway?” We don’t blame you, you’ve probably come across a few in your pursuit of knowledge. More often than not, these how-to manuals are too brief and generic. Novices don’t learn enough while expert players feel like they’ve heard it all before, and the theory isn’t applied to live dealer tables with examples or tips. Our combination of capability and practical advice aims to bridge the gap these other guides left. But before you delve into how our handbooks are divided, let us show you why you should take the time to read them in the first place.


Each game guide is split into six primary areas – an overview, glossary, FAQ, how to play, variants and strategies. The overview acts as your entry point to that specific game’s guide with easy access to every part of it. Wondering where best to start? The section on What you’ll find in our game guides further down will walk you through our suggested approach.


Have you ever learnt a foreign language to gain a deeper insight around a topic? Well, we did to ensure that we covered ample material. Experts were consulted in the development stages of these guides to give their thoughts on its structure and share their wisdom. Countless Internet sources, books, articles and interviews were reviewed too.


Once you begin leafing through each one, you’ll notice that each page is split into distinct sections with descriptive headings that clearly indicate what will be talked about in the paragraph beneath it. We’ve found out first-hand that this structure makes it simpler to refer to sections as you play and maintain focus on what’s going on at the table. Complementing images, tables, charts, formulas and so on break up the text and provide a summary or visualisation of the need-to-know information at a glance.


The aim with our game guides is for them to be as relevant as possible for you. Imagine you’ve just read a bit about the French roulette wheel and want to see what its differences are for yourself. You won’t need to search far as we’ll recommend a table for you to try soon after. Aside from this, you’ll also find references to the movers and shakers of the game as well as real-life examples that add colour to what’s been said.


Games history, theory and practicality are so vast that we couldn’t possibly put it all down in one go. Additionally, providers continually rewrite the script on what makes a casino game online with new innovations and technological advancements. With that in mind, we promise to continue building upon these guides with more types, and updated examples and recommendations too.

What you’ll find in our casino game guides

Now that we’ve explained what sets our guides to casino games apart, let’s look inside. As we said up top, they’re equally for novices to learn how to play as well as for seasoned enthusiasts to gain new insight on methods they’ve never really understood properly. It is recommended that you follow it in the order presented below if you’re a complete beginner. Otherwise, feel free to jump in at any point that suits your skill level. Curious? Then, take a look at what’s in store for you on each page to get an idea on where you should begin.


Can you define a whale, eye in the sky and wonging in relation to live casino? If you only know the first term to refer to the marine mammal, and have no idea about the other two, consider the glossary as your starting point. The list of terms is categorised by type and alphabetised with simple definitions of 70 words or less explaining what each one means. It’s the place to familiarise yourself with the language used in later parts of our guide or look up that word you heard the dealer use while playing blackjack online.


“How do I win at live baccarat?”, “what is the blackjack “perfect strategy”?”, and “how do I win at live baccarat?”. If you’ve ever asked yourself those questions – or didn’t even know you needed to ask them – then a look through each game’s FAQ page will broaden your knowledge bank. You’ll find answers to everything from those too-scared-to-ask-out-loud questions to more complex ones, with the option to rate whether the reply was helpful and give feedback if it wasn’t.


Subdivided into three parts, the core part of the game guides begins here. The basics section paints the picture of each one’s set-up with descriptions of its pieces and parts – such as the table, wheel, cards, dealer, environment and interface – that make each one unique. This is followed by your introduction to the rules and types of bets. A run-through of a standard round will be explained first followed by definitions of any other game-specific rules. Then you’ll see each bet type defined in detail with examples for added clarity. Each How to play page concludes by answering what these bets pay in concise odds tables.


Do the names Martingale, Fibonacci and D’Alembert ring a bell? Well, they’re advantage play techniques that can give your game an edge but aren’t strictly cheating. The betting strategy page begins with a general introduction followed by clear sections on each betting system with tables, images and play-by-plays to help the explanation stick. It’s important to remember that they’re all still purely luck-based, no matter how you choose to bet, and only blackjack can be manipulated somewhat through the use of mathematics, but you’ll realise that as you read.


Next, you’ll be eased into realising that these fundamentals apply across numerous variants of each game. From land-based ones dating back 500 years that made their way online to versions only possible due to modern technology, each one is given an overview with examples and a clear explanation of how the wheel, table, number of cards, decks, dealer, dealer actions differ, how it’s played and where it’s popular with examples of where and which tables to try.


The cherry on top are the add-ons that support each game guide. There are tables that summarise the best bits as well as ones that contrast the pros and cons. Tips and fun facts make every page interesting while charts and anecdotes provide you with practical help. What more could you ask for?

Begin your journey to casino games mastery!

Now that you what’s inside, why not give them a read? Pick your game – roulette, blackjack or baccarat – and start as we recommended or go to the quick explanation on card counting and try it for yourself. The choice is yours! Just remember to use multiple screens as you wager – the table on one and the guide on the other – to reap the full benefits. Good luck, and don’t forget to share your success stories at!

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