Baccarat Glossary

The world of live baccarat is an exciting place, albeit slightly overwhelming if you’re new to it. You will probably find yourself hearing a lot of baccarat terms that sound like another language, it’s only natural after all! That’s exactly why we have compiled this ultimate live baccarat glossary to help you out.

The A to Z of live baccarat

Aided by a number of expert baccarat players, we have compiled the most comprehensive online resource for baccarat terms and phrases. Whether you’re new to the game or consider yourself an adept player, this live baccarat glossary aims to help you improve your performance. The list is always growing, so make sure you check it regularly for updates and if you think there are any important terms missing, let us know! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to become a master baccarat player!



Either the cumulative amount bet over a period of time or the amount bet in a specific wager.



The name of this card game and a reference to the worst hand, which is two cards amounting to zero points.

Banker Bet

One of the three betting options that pays 1:1, however, a 5% commission is deducted from winning bets.


The total amount of money a player intends to spend on gambling.


The act of discarding the top three to six cards right after shuffling and before the start of a new game.



The individual responsible for the cards on the baccarat table.


A French baccarat term meaning hit me that is used to request another card from the dealer.


The 5% commission fee on winning banker bets.


A French baccarat term use to refer to a single round of baccarat.


The act of dividing the deck of cards in half once they have been shuffled.

Cut Card

A plastic, colored-card used to split the deck after shuffling.



The player-facing individual who is responsible for dealing the cards to the players and ensuring each round of the baccarat game runs smoothly.

Discard Array

The area where all the played cards are placed.

Down Card

A card that is turned face down. Also referred to as a hole card.


Face Cards

Picture cards, that is the Jack, Queen and King, in any standard deck of playing cards.


A land-based baccarat term used to refer to the act of placing bets.

Flat Bet

The act of betting the same amount on each successive hand without any variation throughout a baccarat game.



The cards that are dealt and played during one round of baccarat.


A player who wagers large sums of money.

House Edge

The mathematical edge or advantage that a casino has over a player expressed as the percentage of each bet to ensure profit regardless of the outcome of a hand.


La Grande

The best hand in baccarat consists of two cards that equal nine points combined. Also called a natural.

La Petite

The second best hand in Baccarat made up of two cards that equal eight points combined. Also referred to as a natural.



Slang for a ten or a face card.


Eight card decks containing 52 cards each and used at the start of the shuffling.



When the total the first two hands dealt to you is either an eight or a nine.


Player Bet

One of the three betting options that pays 1:1 while the house edge is slightly over 1%.


An individual who is playing a game of baccarat.


A win.


A Spanish baccarat term used to refer to a player.

Punto Banco

A popular baccarat variant and the Spanish name for modern baccarat which literally translates to Player Bank.


A tied bet where the player has neither won or lost such that the money is held over until the next round.



Another term for the baccarat variant Chemin de Fer.


A baccarat side bet option that allows players to bet on a series of hands.



Used in the dealing process. Where the decks of cards are placed.


Another term for bank.

Shuffle Up

The early shuffling of the cards.


If a player is on a good run, this term is used in jest to indicate that.


When the player and the bank are joined in a tie.


Table Of Play

The rules by which the participants in the game receive a third card.


The instance when the player and banker have the same score such that individuals who placed a tie bet win. Also referred to as a standoff.

Tie bet

One of the three betting options available that pays 8:1 as such an outcome is quite rare and comes with a house edge of over 14%.



The dealer’s exposed card which is seen by all players such that they may examine their own playing options.

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