How To Play Blackjack

You may have heard that blackjack is one of those casino games that experts claim you can beat – with enough skill and practice. While that’s not the only reason to learn how to play blackjack, it’s definitely an enticing prospect. But before you set your sights on any of that, you should equip yourself with a basic understanding of what a typical round looks like before becoming familiar with its bits and pieces. Luckily, you’re in the right place, so, read on to discover the know-how to bring out the winning player in you!

How to play blackjack for beginners

At an initial glance, this may come across as a simple casino game. For instance, there are far fewer fiddly pieces than there is in roulette, but sit in on a couple of rounds, and you’ll notice that there’s more to the game than you thought. The in-depth explanation is coming up in a minute, but here’s a sneak peak of what we consider the basic steps of how to play blackjack online.

1. Depositing

2. Choosing a game provider

3. Betting

4. The role of the live dealer

5. Playing your hand

6. Revealing the winning hand

7. Calculating your winnings

8. Error handling

How to play blackjack online for real money in 8 steps

The next stage of your training is to take you through the nine or so steps of playing blackjack online. Before you perform any of these, you’ll need a reliable internet connection, a smartphone or PC to play on and some money on your account. Let’s look at each step one by one for now.

1. Depositing at a live blackjack table

First, you’ll need to create an account at LiveCasino. Once that’s in order, you can add playing funds to your account. Most game providers offer what is called an in-game deposit feature. This allows you to top-up your balance as you play meaning that if you’ve hit a stride by applying perfect blackjack strategy or the rewards of your card counting technique are about to come through, you won’t miss out.

2. Find your top blackjack table

Much like you would at a land-based casino, you need to find a table you would like to play at. Think about what sparks that inexplicable good feeling in your gut. Perhaps it’s the live dealer’s persona, suitable bet limits (any Evolution Gaming table) or an innovative approach (such as NetEnt Blitz Blackjack). Once your preferences are clear in your mind, leaf through our game provider reviews to see which one checks all your boxes and then take a detailed look at their surfaces in our game reviews.

3. How blackjack betting online works

There’s no doubt that betting on online blackjack is far easier than doing so at a busy land-based casino on a Saturday night, there are still some things to keep in mind. Betting time commences with both a clear on-screen instruction and verbally by the dealer. The digital chips then appear automatically when the betting time is open, and your betting area becomes highlighted as you hover over it. Depending on the variant of the game, you will have anywhere from 30-90 seconds to place your wager. Only bets placed during this timeframe are allowed, so keep an eye on the timer and place your chips before it gets close to 0.

4. What's the role of the live blackjack dealer?

The dealer is the physical representation of the casino house. He or she sits behind the coloured surface and is charged with running all aspects of the game including dealing the cards from the dealing shoe (where the decks are stored) on their left and placing them in the discard rack (the pile of used cards) on the right once the round is complete.

Once betting time comes to a close and all seated and unseated players (players who are betting behind) have placed their wagers, the dealer deals out cards starting from the player to their far left. Each player receives one card, face-up, as does the dealer. A second card, also turned-up, is dealt to players while the dealer’s second card (their hole card) remains face-down. Players must then decide on what they will do with their hand, the choices available will be explained in step 6. As soon as each player has acted, the dealer reveals their hole card (sometimes the dealer has to draw more cards), and pays accordingly.

Aside from the mandatory game interaction and specified blackjack dealer rules they must follow, the person who leads the game is trained and encouraged to interact with players at the table. How he or she does so depends on the nature of the game.

5. Chose how to play your blackjack hand

There are five main ways you can handle your cards. In land-based casinos, each of these actions are not communicated orally but rather through hand gestures (that vary whether the game is played face-up or face-down) that can be seen by surrounding floor managers and the eye in the sky. Each one is explained below, but be sure to perform your choice in time as a lack of response will be assumed to be a stand.


When you are satisfied with the initial two cards you received, you can choose not to be dealt any more. Note the dealer must stand if their hand total equals seventeen points.

How to stand

Live blackjack: Click the – button;

Face-up game: Wave your hand from left to right over your cards;


If you think that you can get your hand closer to the coveted 21, you can ask to receive an additional card. The dealer must continue to draw cards until their hand reaches a minimum score of 17. You can choose to hit again after 17, however, it’s not recommended.

How to hit

Live blackjack: Press the + button;

Face-up game: Point your cards or tap the felt;

Double Down

The act of doubling your initial bet after seeing your hand. The catch here is that only one additional card will be drawn.

How to double down

Live blackjack: Press x2 button;

Face-up game: In land-based casinos, players add a second wager in a separate pile next to the first without touching their cards, then hold up one finger;


If the first two cards you’re dealt are a pair (3-3, 7-7, etc.), you have the option to split them into two separate hands. You’ll be required to place an equal bet on the split hands and will receive an extra card for each split card. This action gives you the opportunity to turn a bad hand into two that offer the chance to win and gives you the opportunity to double your bet when the dealer busts (don’t worry, that will be made clear soon). If you’re unsure of how to react to a hand, just remember the community rule: always split aces and eights, and check out the Strategies page for the full approach.

How to split

Live blackjack: The split button differs between providers, but it’s clearly marked;

Face-up game: In land-based casinos, players add a second bet in a separate pile next to the first without touching their cards, then hold up two fingers;


Sometimes referred to as the sucker rule, here you’re given the chance to surrender once you’re dealt your hand and the dealer’s upcard is in view. This rule isn’t too common amongst game providers, and we do not offer it at LiveCasino. Variations to the surrender rule are covered on the Blackjack Rules page.

How to surrender

Live blackjack: The surrender button differs between providers, but it’s clearly marked;

Face-up game: Make a line behind your bet and say surrender as this move is uncommon;

Face-down game: Make a line behind your bet and say surrender as this move is uncommon.

Two other options for your hand are asking for insurance (which is explained on the Blackjack Side Bets page) and going bust. The latter is not really a choice, more so an inevitable side effect of being dealt an automatic losing hand that exceeds a count of twenty-one. Note, that you’ll never go bust in the initial 2 cards you receive as there are no 2 card totals that surpass 21.

6. Winning blackjack hands are revealed

In all situations except for going bust, it is only once the dealer reveals their hole card that winning blackjack hands can be revealed. Bets are paid out to players instantly and any losses are kept, with digital overlays and spoken utterance from the dealer to communicate this. Once a game round ends, the dealer clears the cards from their right to their left and places them in the discard rack. The betting time then begins again.

7. Calculating your blackjack winnings

Fear not, you’re not expected to perform any mathematical calculations in your head. The payout of each bet you can make is displayed as part of the interface which you can keep pinned as you play.

How to calculate BlackJack winnings

Unlike roulette, each bet in blackjack is always treated as an individual in terms of its respective payouts which means that you simply need to work out the ratio to determine your blackjack winnings. For example, if the player wins on a blackjack, their winnings are paid at 3:2 on the total bet wagered, meaning that if the player bet €10, they receive their original bet back plus €15 in winnings.

For a more precise look at the respective payouts, odds and house edge of these bets, take a look at the Blackjack Odds page.

8. What happens if an error occurs?

Just as you may have seen a dealer mistakenly collect player cards from the wrong end of the table at a land-based casino, both human and technological mishaps may occur when playing online too.

In order to minimise such errors from occurring, live dealers undergo rigorous training while the software used is tested, re-tested and updated to ensure it’s always up to standard. But much like you cannot predict the outcome of the game, it’s impossible to prevent all hitches. To see to this in the best way possible, providers and operators have developed systems to deal with any potential issues swiftly.

Each live dealer begins their 20-minute session in front of the camera by swiping a key card at the table. In this way, floor managers know who’s guiding each game and can monitor how many rounds they perform during their shift, how engaged customers are and so on. Conversely, live dealers are in direct contact with table supervisors such that if a mistake is made – for example, dealing the cards incorrectly – these managers can come to the table promptly if needed and address the situation.

Simple errors are usually seen to by cancelling the round and returning bets to players. On the other hand, system errors, such as the unlikely event of receiving an incorrect payout, require more resolution time as well as the collaboration of the software supplier, casino and yourself as the player.

If it’s you that’s bringing forth a concern about a game round, go to the LiveCasino customer support team with as much information as possible – the game name, the time you were playing, the device you were playing on, etc. – so we can locate the specific round you’re querying. From there, the provider will review the footage in question and any technological hiccups that may have occurred at the time to provide you with a settlement as soon as possible. There is also an in-game chat where there is an option to directly contact the game provider’s support and possibly get help instantly.

You’re now well-versed in the basics of how to play blackjack online!​

Pat yourself on the back, you now have better knowledge on the best way to play blackjack than most other players. So, what’s next? The recommended order is moving onto understanding the rules, side bets and odds, in that order. There’s a bit of theory and memory work involved, but do not be discouraged as this is the basis for more exciting parts, such as strategies and systems. For now, move onto chapter two of our blackjack book.

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